Don't miss out on any more benchmarks

Enter an address, select comparable properties and export the data in a few clicks.

Market Explorer gives you access to the market history since 2019. Get the data of any property anywhere in Belgium (price, rent, surface, PEB, ...). Designed for real estate professionals for all types of segments: residential, commercial, offices, industrial.

Increase your number of files

  Dramatically reduce the time spent collecting data

  Expand the geographical scope of your expertise

Improve the quality of your service

  Increase the credibility of your reports with more points of comparison

  Add Excel tables, photos and PDFs of ads to your report

Conduct your market research in 4 steps

1 Display the characteristics of the goods

Get accurate information on comparables sold or leased since 2018. Price, area, condition, photos, GRP, ...

2 Filter to get the best comparables

Select by type, condition, area, number of rooms, year of construction and publication.

3 Get street-level statistics

With Lasso, get median prices and rents exactly where you want them. Integrated rental yield calculation.

4 Export in XLS or PDF format

Export all comparables in Excel format to refine your calculations.

Discover the use cases of Market Explorer

I want to value a property outside my area of expertise and I lack points of comparison

Outside of your area, it is difficult to make a valuation without a point of comparison - calling real estate agents will take time and the information they give you may not be appropriate.

Market Explorer gives you access to all the properties that have been taken off the market. You can then do a search, filter on the typology, or the state and surface that suits you, then export the data.

I want to value an atypical property: comparables are hard to find

If your property is atypical, it is advisable to have access to the most extensive history possible to find a similar building sold several years ago.

Market Explorer allows you to access the history, then filter according to characteristics (surface, year of construction, type, etc.). The photos and description of the property ensure that you can select or not select properties for comparison.

I make a valuation by capitalization: I need the rents and rental yield in a district

You need to establish a list of rents per m2 and per year around the address of your property; but this operation is extremely time-consuming to carry out on ad sites.

Market Explorer allows you to retrieve prices and rents from anywhere in a few clicks and export them in .xls format. You can then process the data yourself and insert it into your valuation matrix.

I need to value a business when I only have residential data

You have your own database but it concerns a particular type of property. You are then limited when you have to value a property of another type.

Market Explorer allows you to access different types of property: residential, retail, office, industrial, ... anywhere in Belgium.

I would like to complete my reports with points of comparison

Do you produce quality reports, but the client questions your estimates? Add a comprehensive list of sold properties in the neighborhood to your report to provide indisputable evidence.

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