Optimize the marketing of your project

We map prices, rents and competing projects marketed around your project. Our studies give you a competitive edge in determining the marketing strategy for your project.

Listing of competing projects and history
Price per type (1bed, 2bed, 3bed, ...)
Rent per type (1bed, 2bed, 3bed, ...)
Pricing model
Market evolution
Rental profitability

 Identify the best opportunities

We provide you with information on competing projects, market history and prices/rents by unit type and space range. This will allow you to identify market opportunities, develop a profitable development strategy and stay ahead of your competitors.

Make informed decisions

Our studies include detailed data on market trends, new unit exit prices, rental performance and demographics. This information helps you make the best decisions, minimize risk and maximize margins.

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We intervene at all stages of your project



Identify areas with growth potential to invest in resilient markets



Position yourself at the right price and secure opportunities


Optimize the real estate program to maximize margin


Adjust initial prices to current market prices to reduce the risk of not marketing at the best price

What is in our analyses?

Listing of current and past competing projects

The history of nearby projects gives you access to the features and finishes of a project's units as well as its marketing history. By analyzing this data, you can better understand your market and make informed decisions to improve your competitive positioning.

Prices and rents by type

Knowing the prices by area range (1bed, 2bed, 3bed, ..) will allow you to more easily establish the exit price for each unit, maximizing the resale price while reducing the risk of not being able to sell.

The rents allow investors to confirm the rental yield of their operation.

Market evolution

The statistics on the evolution of the real estate market (prices and rents) allow you to establish the long-term development potential of your market, whether in the acquisition phase or in the marketing phase. Take advantage of current trends and anticipate future changes.


Our demographic analyses allow you to better understand the needs and preferences of potential buyers in the area of your development project. Developing a cohesive project that meets the needs of your target market increases the rate of unit sales and reduces the risk of your investment underperforming.

Rental profitability

We provide all the necessary figures to convince your investors of the opportunity that your development project represents. In case you keep a certain amount of your units in your portfolio, the rental profitability figures by surface range allow you to optimize your investment strategy.

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