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Market Explorer gives you access to the history of the real estate market since 2019. Get the data of any property anywhere in Belgium (price, rent, surface, PEB, ...) and calculate the essential statistics for any investment. Cross-reference your analyses by type of property and surface area to obtain a complete panorama on a street or neighborhood scale.

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They recommend us

Thanks to Market Explorer, I was able to do my market study before buying my main residence. I made an offer at the right price with full knowledge of the prices per m2 for a property to be renovated, and I saved 40,000€ compared to the offer I could have made.

Nicolas D.

Purchased his primary residence in April 2023.

In a few minutes I was able to know the rents for my two apartments in Ixelles. Very practical.

Henri C.

Owner of 2 units.

Conduct your market research in 4 steps

1 Display the characteristics of the goods

Get accurate information on comparables sold or leased since 2018. Price, area, condition, photos, GRP, ...

2 Filter to get the best comparables

Select by type, condition, area, number of rooms, year of construction and publication.

3 Get street-level statistics

With Lasso, get median prices and rents exactly where you want them. Integrated rental yield calculation.

4 Export in XLS or PDF format

Export all characteristics in PDF format for historical purposes or in Excel format to refine your calculations.

Discover the use cases of Market Explorer

What's the worst thing a real estate investor can do?


💸 B uying too expensive ! It's true for a purchase/renovation/resale operation, it's true for a rental investment.

That's why market research is one of the most important steps to take, even when investing in a city you know. Why is this so? Because 3 main criteria need to be taken into account: location, the condition of the property, and surface area.

⚠️ So there isn't just one market, but several. Apartment vs. house, 2-bedroom apartment, 2-bedroom apartment to renovate, etc. These are examples of submarkets with very different prices.

I want to make a rental investment in 2023, but I don't know my market

The first step for any investor is to know his market, in order to be able to evaluate the opportunities that arise: what is the right price to buy? how much will I be able to rent? what will be the profitability of my investment?

Prices and rents depend mainly on 3 criteria: location, surface and condition. The other criteria are actually secondary (terrace, sunshine, elevator, etc.).

Market Explorer's lasso tool allows you to make a precise selection of properties similar to your investment and to calculate :

  1. the median price per m2
  2. median rent per m2
  3. gross rental return

You can then study several neighborhoods to determine the area that suits your criteria of purchase and profitability.

I have just renovated an apartment and I need to know the rents before renting it out

You already own one or more properties that you have put up for rent. You have recently renovated these properties. The rent before renovation has nothing to do with the rent after renovation, especially in a market where the EPB and the thermal performance of a property is more and more a determining factor. Market Explorer allows you to filter on the renovated apartments (or houses), and to know the average rents according to the location of your property and the surface.

I want to invest in a coliving and I need figures to establish a strategy

Coliving is on the rise. It allows tenants to access high quality apartments in popular locations while reducing their common expenses, which are by definition shared. For the investor, it is a higher rental yield obtained thanks to rents that are generally higher for small surfaces.

So how do we proceed?

  1. establish the price per m2 for your acquisition (e.g.: single-family house in Uccle) according to the number of rooms / surfaces and according to its state (average, to be renovated, etc).
  2. establish rents for surfaces of 15-20m2 for good condition or renovated in the same area as your acquisition
  3. calculate the number of rents received, the rental vacancy, etc... you will obtain your rental yield.

Market Explorer allows you to obtain prices and rents according to the type and condition of the space in a few clicks.

I have a project of renovation, housing and resale of a single-family house

You want to buy a house, renovate it, then live in it for a few years before perhaps selling it again. To make sure you're making the right investment, you need to get accurate figures for the property you want to renovate.

  1. Establish the price of the house to be renovated: allows you to make an offer at the right price, and avoid making an offer "coup de coeur" above the market.
  2. Establish the price of the house after renovation: allows you to establish the capital gain in case of resale.
  3. anaging the market: will your home increase in value?
  4. Get quotes to establish the cost of renovation: allows you to establish if your operation is a good investment compared to the purchase price and resale.

Example : you want to position yourself on a house advertised at 390,000€ in Tervuren of 140m2. After renovation, its living space will be 180m2.

  1. Market Explorer allows you to establish a price per m2 of 2200€/m2 or 308000€ before renovation.
  2. then, to establish a price per m2 of 2900€/m2 after renovation, that is to say 522,000€ by gaining 40m2 not livable previously.
  3. the house is located in Tervuren, whose price is increasing by 3% every year.
  4. your renovation costs are around 200,000€.

Your capital gain is then 522,000-200,000 = 322,000€, which is only slightly higher than the market price (309,000€) but is well below the asking price (390,000€) and does not take into account registration fees and other costs.

You then have all the figures in hand to judge your investment.

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