We help investors and brokers by providing up-to-date and relevant data

« We used to collect data manually on StatBel, Immoweb and competitor’s websites. SmartBlock helped us by delivering ready-to-use data »

What is wrong with manually collecting data ?

Time consuming

Data collection time could be used for high value tasks instead.


You collect current situation data. What about the trend ?


Statistical Bias

Prices on Statbel are global price, not per-sqm-prices.

How do we save your time and increase data quality?

We automate data collection, cleaning and analysis everyday. This work enables us to deliver ready-to-use data in very short time.

We deliver ready-to-use data

We offer a wide variety of data, from sale and rental prices to average EPC level in a specific area.

Price [€/m2]

In a specific location and for a specific unit type.


Percentage of studio, percentage of resident owners vs. investors ?

Stock on market

Count of similar properties for sale / for rent on the market.


Volume [sale/year]

Volume of transactions and impact on prices

Rental yield [%]

In a specific location and for a specific unit type. 



Are my rents too low ? too high ? What about the vacation rate ?

Time on market

How much time does such an estate stay on market before it finds a buyer / tenant ?


Understand import of building ageing. Buy and sell using ageing-factor.

Curious ? Ask a sample !

Our sample contains graphs, colorized maps and excel sheets. Ask it now, you might need it later !